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Regionalny Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli “WOM” in Częstochowa
(In-Service Teacher Training Centre in Częstochowa)

is an institution of professional training for teachers, educational management and pedagogic supervision staff, operating in Silesia province, in the city of Częstochowa and in the area of the following districts: częstochowski, kłobucki, lubliniecki, myszkowski. It enables the updating of professional knowledge and the increase of qualifications as well as acquiring new skills.

It was established in 1989 as a result of the transformation of the previous local branch of the Teacher Training Institute. Since 1999 it has been functioning in a comfortable, spacious and hi-tech equipped building. It has at its disposal a good basis for conducting training courses: a multimedia conference hall for 140 people and several educational rooms, including a computer room with 17 places with access to the Internet.

RODN “WOM” is active in several specific areas:

  • diagnosing the needs of teachers for further professional development,
  • conducting different kinds of training courses for teachers,
  • providing individual and group consultations,
  • providing methodology trainings for pedagogical councils,
  • supporting teachers’ internal professional development programme by cooperating with the leaders of the programme, subject teams and pedagogical boards,
  • supporting teachers in their professional promotion,
  • helping to solve educational problems at school,
  • training in information technology and assistance in its implementation,
  • popularizing innovative educational practice and professional experience thorough publications in the periodicals and on the website of RODN “WOM”,
  • coordinating the work of methodology advisers,
  • inspiring educational and cultural initiatives,
  • organizing thematic conferences on regional and national level.

Pedagogical staff of RODN “WOM” consists of teacher consultants, highly competent specialists in the field of subject knowledge and didactics. Among them there are educators, examiners, experts on teachers’ professional promotion.

RODN “WOM” is a publisher of educational periodicals: a quarterly “Częstochowski Biuletyn Oświatowy” (Educational Bulletin of Częstochowa) and an electronic “Kwartalnik Nauczycielski” (Teachers Quarterly). These magazines are aimed at the teachers of Częstochowa region who can contribute their articles to them. Also Teachers’ Forum on the RODN “WOM” website is dedicated to the exchange of teachers’ professional experiences.

RODN “WOM” has already participated in the following initiatives at European level:

  • The TERM programme,
  • The SOCRATES Arion programme
  • The project VALINT of the SOCRATES Comenius programme
  • The project CITIZEN E of the SOCRATES Minerva programme

RODN “WOM” cooperates with schools of higher education, local government authorities, teachers’ associations and other educational institutions.

Within the framework of RODN “WOM” operate also:

  • The Public Pedagogical Library
  • The Publishing Office
  • The Training Centre in Złoty Potok

The Public Pedagogical Library

has been existing in Częstochowa since 1948. In the early 90s, the library was affiliated with RODN “WOM”. It has 4 branches located in Kłobuck, Lelów, Lubliniec and Myszków. Since 2003 it has been functioning in a new building with all modern conveniences. At present, its collection of books amounts to 70 000 volumes, 8 000 multimedia sets and about 100 titles of periodicals and magazines subscribed currently. Among its users there are teachers, students and pupils of secondary schools.

The Publishing Office

was established in 1994 as an integral part of RODN “WOM” in Częstochowa. The publishing offer, of high editorial quality, ranges from methodology books, scientific publications and conference materials to posters, cards, calendars etc. The office has its own printing house.

The Training Centre

is situated in Złoty Potok, about 30 kilometres away from Częstochowa. The village abounds in tourist attractions, mainly because of its location within the Jurassic Landscape Park. The building constitutes a proper place for conferences and courses. Apart from 18 hotel rooms for 45 people, it includes 2 educational rooms.

Regionany Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli “WOM” declares to comply with all legislation, both national and European, related to equal opportunities, respect for differences and eliminating all forms of discrimination. Our intention is to ensure that none of our employees or clients is discriminated on grounds of gender, religion, age, disability, nationality, race or ethnic origin.

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