Code Week in RODN ‘WOM’ in Częstochowa

In the current school year, as in previous years, our Centre is involved in the activities within the framework of Europe Code Week– #CodeWeek2018, the initiative undertaken all over Europe. The events are aimed at those who want to start or continue their adventure with coding or take up some playful activities with logical games, simple computer graphics and robotics.

We would like to invite you to the following workshops:

October 15, 2018
• Coded science
• Coded history
• On the carpet, with a mat and a piece of paper – coding for children and early-school pupils

October 16, 2018
• Coding in a foreign language lesson

October 17, 2018
• Legends are varied. One dragon – several versions of events. Activities with elements of programming for early-school pupils

October 19, 2018
• Programming with mBot and Ozobot