ICT in teaching foreign languages

ICT in teaching foreign languagesJanuary 31, 2018 ended the first edition of the ‘ICT in teaching foreign languages’ b-learning course. During four meetings its participants developed their professional skills by learning how to work with an interactive board and new applications for studying foreign languages and other subjects.

    • The teachers learnt to create vocabulary study sets with the help of Quizlet and LearningApps. They can now offer their students online crosswords, gap-filling exercises, and matching or grouping tasks.
    • Thanks to Quizziz the participants know how to test their students online, which is simultaneously student-friendly and stress-free. Quizziz saves paper and teachers’ time for checking tests, as the application does that for them.
    • Padlet will be helpful in organising lessons, that is gathering folders, photos, films or links in one place.
    • Thanks to Pixton the teachers can develop both students’ language competences and creativity.

ICT in teaching foreign languages ICT in teaching foreign languages