The completion of cooperation & self-development network named ‘Individualisation of teaching English’

On June 19, 2017 we completed the activities of the ‘Individualisation of teaching English’ cooperation & self-development network. The participants learnt how to support a dyslexic student and how to deal with unruly pupils. We also worked hard on adapting teaching materials to different levels of students. We created our own teaching resources including differentiated tasks so that both good and weak learners could work on the same text but on their own linguistic level. Our resources were published in the open educational resources of RODN ‘WOM’ in Częstochowa.

Congratulations to the participants of the cooperation & self-development network. Thank you for the fantastic atmosphere.

We encourage all English teachers to use our free teaching resources, the main part of which has been created by teachers of English. You will find it by clicking this link: and choosing the tab named ‘Materiały dydaktyczne (teaching resources)’. We are also waiting for your publications and exercises. Share your expertise and good ideas.

Marta Lipska, teacher consultant of RODN ‘WOM’ in Częstochowa